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      Governing Board

      The Governing Board oversees the structure, operation, and overall health of the OpenJDK Community. It upholds and maintains the Bylaws, resolves procedural disputes, and ensures that sufficient infrastructure is available to Community members. The Governing Board has no direct authority over technical or release decisions.


      The current members of the Governing Board are:

      At-Large members serve for a term of one calendar year, starting on the first day of April each year.

      The Governing Board currently has two Observers:

      The Members of the Governing Board, and its Observers, may be reached via gb at openjdk dot java net.

      Scorecard and Annual Report

      The OpenJDK Scorecard is an annual evaluation of the OpenJDK Community's progress across various areas. It also serves as the Community's Annual Report.

      Meeting minutes


      Information about the original Sun-chartered Interim Governance Board has been archived here.