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      The Serviceability Group

      The Serviceability group is comprised of people interested in the design, implementation, and maintanence of Serviceability components.


      Java SE contains several technologies that allow Java programs to be debugged, profiled, monitored and managed. These technologies allow a tool written in the Java programming language to obtain information from the Java Virtual Machine(JVM) in a different process. These technologies typically:

      In addition, Java SE contains several tools that use these serviceability technologies. The following table shows the technologies that are available and the tools that use them.

      Tools That Use It
      JPDA-Java Platform Debugger Architecture
      including JVM TI
      Bytecode Instrumentation
      JMX - Java Management Extension jconsole
      Monitoring and Management jconsole
      Dynamic Attach jconsole, jdb, jinfo, jmap, jstack
      jvmstat Performance Counters jconsole, jstat
      Serviceability Agent jdb, jinfo, jmap, jstack


      Serviceability code resides in both the HotSpot repository and the J2SE repository: Java SE also contains a technology called the Java Management Extension (JMX) which provides APIs for monitoring and managing resources on local and remote Java Virtual Machines. Please see The Java Management Extensions (JMX) API for information about JMX.

      Here are some articles about serviceability in Java SE


      Following are links to open bugs in the various serviceability areas.


      Last Modified: 07/19/07