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      JDK 9

      The goal of this Project was to produce an open-source reference implementation of the Java SE 9 Platform as defined by JSR 379 in the Java Community Process.

      JDK 9 reached General Availability on 21 September 2017. Production-ready binaries under the GPL are available from Oracle; binaries from other vendors will follow shortly.

      The features and schedule of this release were proposed and tracked via the JEP Process, as amended by the JEP 2.0 proposal.


      102: Process API Updates
      110: HTTP 2 Client
      143: Improve Contended Locking
      158: Unified JVM Logging
      165: Compiler Control
      193: Variable Handles
      197: Segmented Code Cache
      199: Smart Java Compilation, Phase Two
      200: The Modular JDK
      201: Modular Source Code
      211: Elide Deprecation Warnings on Import Statements
      212: Resolve Lint and Doclint Warnings
      213: Milling Project Coin
      214: Remove GC Combinations Deprecated in JDK 8
      215: Tiered Attribution for javac
      216: Process Import Statements Correctly
      217: Annotations Pipeline 2.0
      219: Datagram Transport Layer Security (DTLS)
      220: Modular Run-Time Images
      221: Simplified Doclet API
      222: jshell: The Java Shell (Read-Eval-Print Loop)
      223: New Version-String Scheme
      224: HTML5 Javadoc
      225: Javadoc Search
      226: UTF-8 Property Files
      227: Unicode 7.0
      228: Add More Diagnostic Commands
      229: Create PKCS12 Keystores by Default
      231: Remove Launch-Time JRE Version Selection
      232: Improve Secure Application Performance
      233: Generate Run-Time Compiler Tests Automatically
      235: Test Class-File Attributes Generated by javac
      236: Parser API for Nashorn
      237: Linux/AArch64 Port
      238: Multi-Release JAR Files
      240: Remove the JVM TI hprof Agent
      241: Remove the jhat Tool
      243: Java-Level JVM Compiler Interface
      244: TLS Application-Layer Protocol Negotiation Extension
      245: Validate JVM Command-Line Flag Arguments
      246: Leverage CPU Instructions for GHASH and RSA
      247: Compile for Older Platform Versions
      248: Make G1 the Default Garbage Collector
      249: OCSP Stapling for TLS
      250: Store Interned Strings in CDS Archives
      251: Multi-Resolution Images
      252: Use CLDR Locale Data by Default
      253: Prepare JavaFX UI Controls & CSS APIs for Modularization
      254: Compact Strings
      255: Merge Selected Xerces 2.11.0 Updates into JAXP
      256: BeanInfo Annotations
      257: Update JavaFX/Media to Newer Version of GStreamer
      258: HarfBuzz Font-Layout Engine
      259: Stack-Walking API
      260: Encapsulate Most Internal APIs
      261: Module System
      262: TIFF Image I/O
      263: HiDPI Graphics on Windows and Linux
      264: Platform Logging API and Service
      265: Marlin Graphics Renderer
      266: More Concurrency Updates
      267: Unicode 8.0
      268: XML Catalogs
      269: Convenience Factory Methods for Collections
      270: Reserved Stack Areas for Critical Sections
      271: Unified GC Logging
      272: Platform-Specific Desktop Features
      273: DRBG-Based SecureRandom Implementations
      274: Enhanced Method Handles
      275: Modular Java Application Packaging
      276: Dynamic Linking of Language-Defined Object Models
      277: Enhanced Deprecation
      278: Additional Tests for Humongous Objects in G1
      279: Improve Test-Failure Troubleshooting
      280: Indify String Concatenation
      281: HotSpot C++ Unit-Test Framework
      282: jlink: The Java Linker
      283: Enable GTK 3 on Linux
      284: New HotSpot Build System
      285: Spin-Wait Hints
      287: SHA-3 Hash Algorithms
      288: Disable SHA-1 Certificates
      289: Deprecate the Applet API
      290: Filter Incoming Serialization Data
      291: Deprecate the Concurrent Mark Sweep (CMS) Garbage Collector
      292: Implement Selected ECMAScript 6 Features in Nashorn
      294: Linux/s390x Port
      295: Ahead-of-Time Compilation
      297: Unified arm32/arm64 Port
      298: Remove Demos and Samples
      299: Reorganize Documentation


      2016/05/26 Feature Complete
      2016/12/22 Feature Extension Complete
      2017/01/05 Rampdown Start
      2017/02/09 All Tests Run
      2017/02/16 Zero Bug Bounce
      2017/03/16 Rampdown Phase Two
      2017/06/22 Initial Release Candidate
      2017/07/06 Final Release Candidate
      2017/09/21 General Availability


      We stabilized the release in an increasingly-rigorous sequence of phases, listed here for the record:

      During those phases we used three processes to coordinate our work:

      Milestone definitions

      The milestone definitions for JDK 9 were the same as those for JDK 8, with the addition of:

      Last update: 2017/9/21 18:10 UTC